Friday, July 1, 2016


Okay so today I would like us to talk about whether Christian singles contemplating marriage should enter into prenuptial agreements or not. A prenuptial agreement (also called an ante nuptial agreement and sometimes abbreviated as prenup) is a contract between two people who are about to marry. The content of a prenup usually includes provisions for division of assets and property in the event of the termination of the marriage either through divorce or death.
In some countries the prenuptial agreement also includes some details like the protection of some property during the marriage, for instance in case of a bankruptcy. So a prenup is basically a couple saying' before we get married, let us both sign an agreement, a legal document that will spell out details of what happens to what we each own now as individuals in case of bankruptcy, divorce or death in the future. 

If you decide to get out of the marriage in the future, what happens to what I had as a single person before marrying you? How do we divide our individual and collective assets? What if either of our companies goes bankrupt, what becomes of our individual and collective assets?
Now, considering God's perspective of marriage as well as our cultural realities in this part of the world, what should be the stance of Christians on prenups?
Are there any biblical grounds upon which to enter or refrain from entering into a prenup? This is particularly relevant to singles who come from money, have substantial family inheritances, run successful and thriving business concerns with employees and staff who have to be taken care of even if the business goes bankrupt. In some cases the business concerns may even be family businesses.
So what is your take on this?
Let us raise the issues and discuss the various angles to this subject to the end that we will all be enriched and enlightened.
So let's set the ball rolling.
Let's have your thoughts and comments below.



  1. Well...the idea of starting on the tone of a that not telling myself that the marriage...beforevit even doomed to fail? Is that not defeatist?

    God's idea of marriage is oneness in all... what is mine is yours, and vice versa... .

    Of course, in this day and age where the motives of most people for marriage is to simply enrich themselves, I can understand the fears of partners 'coming from money' who would want to protect their heart by protecting their properties... . But then...perfect love should cast out fear...the Spirit making you certain that you are making the God-ordained choice for marriage... that is, if He's invited to advice...:-)...right?

  2. Prenups isn't a requirement for marriage but if for the safety of a business with staff strength above 10, it could be considered not as a marital requirement but a legal requirement aimed at creating confidence and ensure institutional stability

  3. Personally, I don't subscribe to it,if marriage is an avenue for sharing all I have with my partner why then should I sign something that wont promote that? These days a lot of things that spring up all in the name of global trend is cripping into our lives as Christians n trying to make us forget biblical principles.

  4. I would liken a prenup to having/writing a will. It is putting commitments in black and white for the benefit of all concerned.
    I liken it to the certificate issued in churches or registries, so show what was verbally agreed on, for the benefit of all concerned.
    The law does not recognise verbal agreements without documents to substantiate.

    Prenupb is not only documented in view of divorce or separation, but also in view of death, which can honestly happen at any time.

    Unfortunately, Christians are usually the worst hit when some tragedies occur, because we usually put up 'God forbid' as a response to some possibilities.

    God expects us to be street smart for what is right. (Luke 16:1-9).