Friday, November 17, 2017


"God is working, He's still working
God is working even now 
Though we often don't know just how
God is working, He's still working
God is working even now."

The above song has refused to leave my consciousness in recent time. 
It rings so very true; God is always at work. The problem is that we are usually totally unaware of His providence, mostly because we do not necessarily 'see' or 'feel' His moves. But He has everything under control.
Abraham was going to slay his only son Isaac in obedience to God's 'unreasonable' demand. Isaac was sweating it out, saying his final prayers as his father's knife bore down on him. Both of them undoubtedly thought the deed was done; but unknown to them God was at work behind the scenes. And at the nick of time, the proof of His behind-the-scene engagement (the ram) appeared. 
Jochebed, Moses' mother, in an attempt to save her baby's life from imminent death at the hands of wicked Pharaoh, took a monumental risk: she released him to an uncertain future on the river Nile. What a risk. She had no idea that as she was letting go of her baby, the one who would take care of him, Pharaoh's daughter was also on her way to the same river.... God was at work.
The Israelites were crying to God to deliver them from the unbearable suffering of slavery in the hands of the Egyptians. Unbeknown to them, God was working. Moses was having a burning bush encounter with God, getting set to go deliver the Israelites.
Five thousand people had gathered to hear Jesus preach. The location was in the wilderness, far from food vendors. They needed to be fed. The disciples were getting worried..... They were unaware that much earlier, God had arranged for a mother to pack lunch of five loaves and two fishes for her son who was attending the same crusade. Meager, yes but enough for Jesus to miraculously multiply to feed five thousand people, leaving twelve baskets full of leftovers! It was Andrew who announced to The Lord upon discovering the boy in John 6:9, "there is a lad here..." 
Friends, I have discovered that when you are walking with God, there is always a lad around you somewhere, bearing exactly what you need. And that is because God is always mindful of us and is constantly at work to intervene for us. 
He is always several steps ahead of us but we mortals are always un-perceiving and can hardly see beyond our noses! 

God is usually at work sending help our way long before it becomes obvious to us or we become aware of it.
He is more involved in our lives and affairs than we realize most times.
- By the time the answer comes to us and we become aware of God's intervention, it usually had been a long time coming!
It may not look like it. There may be no sign of it right now. But believe me friends, God is at work on your behalf! 
Child of God, rest assured God is always at work.


  1. Praise God
    Good to know that He is always at work.
    Especially moments when we are anxious and perceive that we are suffering
    God is always at work

  2. Thanks for this instructive and timely piece Mummy. God bless you Ma.

  3. John 5:17 (NIV)
    “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working”

    ... yet our senses aren't particularly useful instruments for detecting His presence, or continuing work; perhaps because His presence and works pervade His creation, somewhat like dark matter does the universe; perhaps because His being transcends His creation and can't be defined by it. Therefore we're frequently seized with fear, doubt, dread.

    His self-disclosure through revelation remains our only source of knowledge of Him and His works, as you reiterate here and as evidenced by the Scriptures; our source, our solace, if we care to submit to its authority.


    1. ' His being transcends His creation and can't be defined by it'! Powerful! Many thanks sir.

  4. May grace enable us to remember this piece in the midst of trials and temptations. For truly God will always make all things work together fòr my good... hallelujah.

  5. Thanks for the privilege of hearing the only refined Word of life. Indeed, I now know that all that concerns me is available before becoming a need. God bless mummy and more insight

  6. His ways are never our ways indeed.we receive grace to be consious of He being there right on time for us. God bless you mummy.

  7. His ways are not our ways... Our minds cannot comprehend his ways... It is important we trust in Him to lead the way... Cos He is working for our good.

  8. Yes ma, so so true. God of Heaven will help us more and more. This is reassuring.God bless you ma.