Thursday, September 24, 2015


They say opposites attract. How true! This maxim has taken on a new meaning to me in my recent musings. Daily, we are faced with circumstances, situations and attitudes that are less than desirable. Our quest most times is to counteract the effect of such loathsome behavior, and that is understandable. We need to right the wrongs, correct the ills and generally call an erring one to order. The problem however is that we very often tend to carry on in the same disposition as the one we are trying to correct! The same irksome attitude or action is ironically what we project when reacting to or trying to straighten out issues. This also happens when we are trying to win over people on the opposite side of the divide in terms of opinion, way of life, attitudes or proclivities. We tend to employ the enemy's tactics in dealing with the enemy- anger for anger, railing for railing, insult for insult, crookedness for crookedness while expecting to bring about a change in the other party! Friends, it is impossible to defeat an enemy while employing his tactics.

No lasting influence can be achieved as long as we engage the enemy with the weapons that he is familiar with and even wields better than us. Fire does not quench fire! It takes operating in an opposite spirit to the one you are confronting to have victory and bring about lasting impact. Jesus said " the prince of this world cometh and hath nothing in me" Jh. 14:30 To take this a step further, we need to understand that there are territorial, organizational, geographical as well as professional spirits/dispositions/inclinations and tendencies, and if we must rout and ultimately conquer such hindering forces we must operate under an opposite spirit/ disposition/ inclination/ and tendency. For instance, we must toe the line of peace, patience and restraint in an atmosphere of agitation, tension and stubbornness. It takes an opposite spirit to the prevailing negative one to attract God's intervention and bring about a change of experience. Operating in the same spirit as the one you dislike will only reinforce it and turn it into a stronghold! You cannot win like that. Only opposites attract solution! Enough said, I guess.
Great weekend, friends!

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