Wednesday, February 1, 2017


We all at one time or another have had occasion to discipline someone under our care or close to us, and no doubt we have met with resistance sometimes. The object of our correction or discipline remains defiant, refuses to budge or totally misunderstands us and our motives leading us to conclude sometimes that they are incorrigible, difficult or unwilling to change. I have learnt over the years however that no matter how good our intentions, discipline can only be effective when and where there is a strong foundation of discipleship between you and your object of correction.

Discipleship makes discipline easy and very effective. When you have built a caring relationship with someone over time and they have come to realize for themselves that you love them and mean well for them, they will respond positively to your corrections and attempts at disciplining them. Whether it is a subordinate at work, a sibling, a child, a protégée, a step-child, a ward or a house-help, we must first sow the seeds of nurturing love into them before we can reap the harvest of unreserved compliance from them.

Take an interest in their welfare, studies, career prospects, relationships, families etc. invest some time (and maybe some money if need be) to call them, get them a helpful material, link them up with a useful contact, mentor them gently without being overbearing and demanding, overlook and forgive their faults, just be generally gracious to them. Then stand back, watch and be amazed at how they respond to your corrections! Infact, they will not want to hurt you deliberately!

Is someone in your life driving you up the wall by not responding well to your corrections? Well, maybe you need to change your approach to them and redirect some of your energies towards disciplining them lovingly. Nobody hates to be loved you know! A new pair of slippers for your house-help or deodorant for your step child may just do the magic! Discipleship must precede discipline, if it must hit home!

Happy new month friends!


  1. Good morning and God bless you Mummy.

    This piece is just timely for me, as I had to discipline my children last night but the approach was not very good.

    I need to apply the above recommended instructions and I trust all shall be well.

    Thank you as always Ma, and God bless you.

    Every blessing from son in the Lord Kwabena Owusu-Boateng (Kobby)

  2. Super Educating.....

  3. Timely word indeed Mummy because my house help seems to be driving me up the wall but will change my approach and trust God for a change. God bless your fountain of wisdom.

  4. Thanks so much for this message. Rightly needed.

  5. Lots of love in this write up MA. More grace MA, timely one for me, I teach teens and I find it a big challenge discipline them. Thanks for sharing Ma